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Music: “Zhao Zi Long” – Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon, by Henry Lai
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Tian Zi (Emperor) is the first of the Imperial Furniture Series by Tiger ChongSheng Guo, a New Zealand based Chinese designer. Guo has coined and adopted the design strategy of neo-Sino; meaning new Chinese. Guo’s neo-Sino approach combines traditional cultural design values from China’s rich 5,000-year history, and modern design principles, uninfluenced by Western design ideology. Guo believes that modern high design such as those shown at this very exhibition here in Milan derive solely from western design influences such as the neo-classism and Bauhaus movements.

This adaptation, coupled with the socioeconomic development of Asia by western influence and trajectory in the last hundred years has resulted in many “Asian designs” being not very Asian at all; rather western imitations. This style is strongly criticised by historians but not designers. A famous style of Chinese imitation design in the early 18th century known as “Chinoiserie” was one of the first widely recognized examples of the cultural appropriation western design has assaulted Chinese design with. Guo seeks to remedy this by bringing “true” Chinese design back into the high design society, whilst giving it a modern touch with adaptation of modern technologies. Notably, Guo chooses to make use of the CNC router to simulate the famed joineries, carved motifs, and etched reliefs iconic to Chinese furniture.

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