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GG-9 is a pest control system designed to regulate possum, stoat, and rat populations which endanger the many ecosystems of New Zealand. The system is intended to be integrated within the high school curriculum to educate teenagers about conservation. The system is designed to be airdropped by drone, and does not require recollection as most parts biodegrade, whilst the rest are harmless to the environment. The system also utilizes the A-24 self-reloading pest trap system by Goodnature, allowing 24 system reloads before gas depletion. These three design features addresses one of the primary limitations of conventional pest control, which requires large amounts of manpower to deploy, collect, and reload traps. 

This project was undertaken under IP agreement with Goodnature New Zealand and the New Zealand Government's Department of Conservation. Many thanks for all their support, research, and insights. Special thanks to Kelsey Aldersley for modelling this project.

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