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Last Angel is a conceptual design for the character Sigmus Aurelian. Utilizing divergent concept design principles, Sigmus Aurelian is designed with genesis points built from holistic consideration of his hypothetical culture, technology, and history. The embedding of cultural motifs generated from a thoroughly established background facilitates a rich, realistic, and detail driven design process.

Last Angel has been developed over three years and has received numerous awards including Top in The Country (New Zealand) for Cambridge University's International Examinations, Outstanding Scholarships from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, as well as consideration for Victoria University's Creativity Scholarship.
This above model was almost entirely hand sculpted and painted.
The inner skeleton was constructed from wire and 3D printed muscle shells. The base was from components manufactured by Games Workshop. Some skulls and motifs were from premade kits also manufactured by Games Workshop. All remaining components were sculpted from epoxy clay "magic sculpt", kneadatite "green stuff", or constructed from plastic styrene sheets. Over three dozen paints were used across 4 mediums; acrylic, oil (spirit and wash), aerosol, and metallic (alcohol based pigment).
Below is the documented process.
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