Titan is a conceptual headset aimed to redefine the listening experience, where the tangibility of music is truly materialized.

Titan is currently in a conceptual stage and is undergoing further development at Victoria University of Wellington. No concept seen below is final.
We are currently endorsed by ZheJiang HaoSheng Electronic Technology Company Limited, Victoria University of Wellington, and various local New Zealand Artists.







Given the scope and scale of this project, we are open to all further endorsements or support. Financial support is not necessary, currently we are seeking rights to use intellectual property or reproduction of music for educational purposes. If you have been contacted regarding this, please see my other work for insight as to how far this project will be taken.

We are currently developing our form and electronics and aim to prototype mainly through digital fabrication such as 3D printing or laser cutting.

The above process is mostly a starting point. Our development will be along the lines of the following projects:


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