Vulcan is a new CNC metal manipulator designed to integrate user interactions and allow users to perform the art of "metalbending" as if metal were clay. The system is entirely scratch built, including custom designed brackets and framework, motor and servo control, and arduino coded control devices and sensors. This project was undertaken with Matt O'Hagan and Tong Gao during the later stages of the development. Special Thanks to Jeongbin Ok, our supervising lecturer. 

The media displayed here are works in progress and do not represent Vulcan's finished form. Vulcan's frame is currently able to withstand at least 50,000 Newtons of force as seen in the second video below; the current frame has an even stronger joint however we do not possess the means to test stress capacities at levels past 50,000 N.

The above video shows our earlier (and weakest) joint, held together only by 2 Part Epoxy designed to hold 75 KG of vertical force, in a hydraulic press against a 5mm extruded aluminium bracket (shaped as a square tube). 


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